tune6 Shows


  • Cinema Express : Daily

    Crazy about Movies? Then this is the show for you. Get updated on all the latest Information, Launches, Partnerships and everything else there is to know about all your Favourite Films and Stars. “All day, Every day”!

    Open Mouth: Daily

    Gossip is “News + Fun” and on this show we pull out all the stops. Check out all the Hot and Spicy Masala news about your Favourite Celebrities and their Public secret lives

    Super 6: Daily @ 4 pm, 6 pm

    There are millions of songs that are great but what makes a song a SIXER? Tune in to our choice of the 6 most awesome songs changed each time you see them and cheer as your favourite songs fly over the boundary and straight to you

    Best Wishes: Daily @ 7 am , 8 am

    Kick start your day and show the most important people in your life how much they mean to you by sending your “Best Wishes” direct via message or connected through a call with your VJ Sharanya aired “Live” every day. Feeling special never sounded this good.
  • Double Shot: Daily

    When it comes to great music, once is just not enough. That’s why we’ve taken songs that have more in common than you might thing and play them back-to-back. “Same, Same” but “Different” that’s how best friends are made.

    Chennai Meter: Daily @ 9 am

    Everybody has an opinion and this is the place to get it heard. Tune in and share a conversation with VJ Ram as he updates you with the latest information happening in Chennai and around the World. Live every day on Tunes 6

    Whatsapp Request: Daily

    We live in a digital age where every message is passed on in a second. And now so do the requests and dedications of your favourite songs. So hook up go On-line and let us know what you tune in to every day

    Break less Tunes: Daily @ 11 am

    All the music you love with no distractions. It’s really as simple as that. So turn up that volume and let the beats take control every day only on Tunes6.
  • Nonstop tunes: Daily @ 12 pm

    Don’t stop the music… and that’s exactly what this show is all about. The best songs across a Multi-Lingual platform that will make you sit up and wonder why your head just won’t stop shaking.

    Fresh Tunes: Daily @ 3 am , 10 am

    The latest chart toping songs of today or the Trending number 1 hits of tomorrow jam packed into one simply awesome 30-minute show. So no matter what your style of music is, tune in daily to find out what’s hot and happening.

    Melody Mix: Daily @ 2 pm

    Forget the fast beats and high volume demands and get ready to de-stress with the tunes that will have you forget your worries and humming along thinking of happy memories refreshed with a smile

    Hit list: Daily @ 1.30 pm

    All the biggest Hits across all genres jam packed in to one awesome show. So weather you’re a fan or simply someone who enjoys being updated on the newest trending tunes out there. Tune in and Rock on!
  • Night Tunes: Daily @ 12.30 am

    Created mainly for the “Night Owls” who love their music. Now there’s another reason to never turn off that television and change that channel with back to back songs that will give you the boost you need. So go ahead. Keep it on, all night long!

    Morning Alarm: Daily @ 4am

    Wake up to the music that you love and start your day with tunes6. The complete collection of songs played back to back that is guaranteed to wake you up and give you the energy to kick start your day with the biggest smile ever.

    Hot Tunes: Daily @ 11.30 pm

    Give in to your primal instinct and let this show bring out the animal in you. Packed with the Spiciest, sexiest songs for the time of day when the sun is nowhere to be seen and the “Mood” is just a little bit flirty. Warning! Guaranteed to turn up the temperature so make sure that the Kids are asleep first.

    Playlist: Daily @ 11 pm

    Our choice of the songs that just have to be heard once more before you call it a day. A playlist of all genres personally chosen by our team of music crazy specialist to take you away to the land of dreams every night in total style.
  • On Request: Daily @ 8 pm

    Want to watch your favourite songs played on air at the exact moment you think of them? Then tune in Live every day to this show as our VJs read your requests and dedications and exercise your right to demand where ever you are.

    Selfie Request: Daily @ 7 pm

    Have a camera that records video? Of course you do. Now put that camera to use by shooting and recording your requests and messages in the coolest way you know and send it to VJ Ram as he plays the songs you want Live every day only on Tunes6.

    Super Hit Station: Daily @ 10.30pm

    There are hits. And then there are SUPER HITS! Check out the songs that have gone beyond being number 1 to becoming a timeless classic that will always have a place in your heart no matter what the language or genre. Only on tunes6